From humble beginnings: our support to St Michael’s school students & community

The Thari Trust team had a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the school’s where we have provided support both to the students and the school itself. St Michael’s school is located near Roma, in Lesotho, in a village or parish known as St Michael’s. This is a challenging environment in which to provide education, for many reasons, but despite the many obstacles, the students … Continue reading From humble beginnings: our support to St Michael’s school students & community

With the right support, children can, do and will excel!

Apart from helping with school infrastructure, an important part of Thari Trust’s work is supporting pupils in primary and high schools who are experiencing hardships, to remain in school. Financial hardship can befall any family, due to the death of a parent, loss of family income, rising costs of education, a global pandemic – there reasons are varied and not always foreseeable. Thari Trust has … Continue reading With the right support, children can, do and will excel!

Be the change – Volunteer!

Whether it is mentoring, fundraising, teaching, campaigning, filming, cleaning – time spent on a social cause that you believe in is never time wasted. For 2021 International Day of Volunteers, we bring special attention to The Hub Morija. This is a creative technology lab, based in Morija, Lesotho, that seeks to take a creative, collaborative and participatory approach to raising awareness and seeking solutions to … Continue reading Be the change – Volunteer!

Good Luck Limpho! Merci Daraja La Afrika!

Congratulations to Limpho, an ambitious and smart Mosotho student who won a scholarship to study BSC to Radiology and imaging technology in India! She came to Thari Trust for help to fund her visa application and to purchase a laptop, which would be needed for her studies. We are so grateful to Daraja la Afrika , a wonderful charity from Belgium which is run by … Continue reading Good Luck Limpho! Merci Daraja La Afrika!

2021 Christmas Cake Sale

Thari Trust is again selling Christmas Cakes to fundraise for its activities in 2022. We have on offer three delicious, top quality, homemade cakes, all beautifully wrapped. – Rich, traditional Christmas Cakes (Fruit cakes) in either 1kg (€19) or 2kg size (€32) – Melt-in-the-mouth Sticky Ginger Cake, with our homemade ginger and golden syrups (€14)– Light and family friendly Gluten Free Swiss Rolls (€12) Click … Continue reading 2021 Christmas Cake Sale

Job Done!

We are so delighted to have completed our FIRST ever grant funded project – the replasting of some of the classrooms in St Michael’s primary school, in St Michael’s, Roma, Lesotho. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project to improve the learning infrastructure for the children – we thank Tervuren municipality in Belgium for the grant and the very supportive members … Continue reading Job Done!

It takes a village!

We often talk about the importance of the role of parents and guardians in children’s education – whether it is helping them with their homework, engaging with the teachers to monitor and evaluate the child’s progress, or encouraging them to enjoy and be motivated to learn. Parents and guardians have been our partners from the beginning, both those who have helped Thari Trust with fundraising … Continue reading It takes a village!

School kids get their hands (a little bit) dirty!

We all know that kids like to get their hands dirty – and Thari Trust supports this (in measure!) for a good cause. What does this mean? Thari Trust’s director has been encourage the children at St Michael’s primary school to work on their school garden, which we hope will be a good way to teach them some natural sciences, and appreciate how to look … Continue reading School kids get their hands (a little bit) dirty!

Fresh look for the classrooms!

After a long delay due to the Covid19 pandemic, the classrooms in St Michael’s Primary School are finally getting a fresh new look, thanks to some new plaster and repairs. This has been made possible thanks to the very generous grant from Tervuren municipality in Belgium – hartelijk dank (hearty thanks) GROS! The works began on 12 April (auspicious day!) and the Trust also had … Continue reading Fresh look for the classrooms!